Monoblock Pumps


GEW is the leading manufacturer of finest multipurpose mini self priming and mini monoblock pumps. GEW has vast experience in the field of presenting Domestic pumps without any trouble and reliable quality. The highlights of our pumps are compactability, easy installation and less maintenance. Our special features include continuous operation, greater efficiencies, extremely quiet operation and high working pressure. self priming pumps are designed without footvalue. The internal clearances are kept to a minimum and for this reason these pumpsets are intended for use with clean water, free from solides, abrasives and fibrous material to get the best possible efficiency.


Used for water supply to Residential Bungalows and Flats.

GEW HSM & HCM models of Self Priming and Monoblock pumps employ a 240 volts, 50 Hz capacitor start and run, 2880 RPM, TEFC, Prime mover motors of single phase. All pumps are tested as per IS : 8472 HCM & HSM motor bodies are made from high quality extruded aluminium. And DMS motor bodies are made from cost iron, Dynamic balancing of rotor assembly, ensures better life for bearings and seals. Pump is made up of close grained cast iron casing and Brass forged impeller. The volute is designed for maximum output. The front end bearing is protected by a water thrower ring. Sealing is by means of a bellows mechanical seal fitted over the shaft which is ground to close tolerances.

We ensure consistent quality by testing the pumps thorughly. We maintain the required quality control norms very strictly. Operator's Manual is provided for correct installation


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