Plasma Welding Machine


Plasma Welding Machine, Plasma Welding Machines

Plasma Transferred Arc System (PTA) is a high energy, inert gas welding process. Ar is basically used for arc plasma supply, powder transport and molten material shielding. It produces a very high quality deposit offering optimal protection with minimal dilution or deformation of the base material.

It is a process that deposits very precise coatings of perfectly controlled alloys on mechanical parts that are subject to intense wear; significantly extending their service life.PTA technology is particularly effective in protection against corrosion, thermal shock and abrasion. A wide range of overlay alloys is available for practically any part. Some alloys are very hard, others are softer with hard abrasion-resistant particles dispersed in a matrix. Certain alloys are made to rebuild a part to a required dimension while others are designed to be a final overlay that protects the work surface.

Welding Plasma Specification

Input supply   3P,415V±15%, 50Hz/60Hz
Max Installed power   24Hp
Input kVA @ 60% duty cycle   19.4
Input kVA @ 100% duty cycle   13.0
Open circuit voltage   70-80 V DC
Current range   10-400
Current @ 60 duty cycle   400 A
Current @ 100 duty cycle   308 A
Pilot Arc Current   5-200 A
Plasma Gas Flow Meter   0 - 5 LPM
Shielding Gas Flow Meter   0 - 15 LPM
Table Diameter  
300 - 2000 MM
Table Capacity (Weight)  
250 - 300 KG
Welding Thickness  
1-30 MM
Cooling Method  
Water Cooling
Cooling Tank Capacity  
1000 lt
Powder Feeding
* Stellite Powder & 316 L and can use another Material also


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