Post Forming Machine


  These machines are used for make various types of furniture. The Machine is used for place laminates on a profiled work piece and shapes automatically the laminate to the profile of work piece by applying required pressure on the forming rail.

   Our machines can take up a maximum work piece having a length of 2600mm.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Length of work piece : 2600 mm

Workpiece Thickness             : 16 / 100 mm

Maximum Workpiece Width         : 200 mm

Maximum Heating Temperature    : 200o C

Heating Elements : 3 KW

Electric motor 3 Phase : 0.5 HP

Machine Dimension ( l x b x h ) : 3600 x 660 x 1275

Approximately Weight : 1100 Kgs

Compressed air Requirement : hp / kg cm2 3/7


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