Sewage Vaccum Pump


Operating Range

  Power Absobtion Max Pressure : 2.5 kw to 22 kw

  Max Working Pressure : 2.5 bar

  Maximum RPM : 1400 rpm

  Maximum Vaccum : 0.89 bar to 0.94

  Maximum Rate of Flow : 1260 L/min to 7000 L/min

  Power Absobtion Max Vaccum : 2.2 kw to 12 kw


  Transport Sewage

  Fertilizing Irrigation

  Drainage pumps


  Heavy duty Ball and Taper Roller Bearings

  Oil Sealed sealing

  Bed Mounted type, two way suction and pressure operating

  Driven through Pulley and Belt for particular application on Truck


  Grade Cast Iron Body outer Component

  S.G Iron Rotor

  LS30 Vaccum Blade - High Impact & Temperature resistant


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