Manual/Hand Operated Single Block Vibrator



One of our most popular single block vibrators machines, the machine assist in creating blocks through single vibrator plates on wooden or steel pallet. This efficient machine operates on three phase motor and has adjustable amplitude.


Its technical specifications are as follows:


1.5 H.P. Single/ Three Phase


6000 Hz Amplitude Adjustable

Moulding Area

350 x 500 mm(max)


750 Kg. (Approx)

Production Capacity

4” -2 Block/ Stroke/ 600/ Shift
6” -3 Block/Stroke/300/Shift
8” -1 Block/Stroke/300/Shift

We use quality materials to produce manual hand operated single block vibrator. As the name suggests, the machine operates on a single vibrator and has features of minimum power consumption, close tolerance, tensile strength and low maintenance.


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