Table Vibrator



In this process high slump concrete (highly flowing concrete) is poured in to the rubber moulds and compacted in vibro forming vibrating tables. The moulds with green concrete are kept for initial strength gaining for 8 - 12 hours over ffat plate. Then the cast concrete tiles are stripped out from the rubber moulds. This wet tiles re then kept controlled atmosphere for 3 days for further strength gaining. Polyurethane or varnish coatings can be applied for added attractiveness & wear resistance.

By handling carefully the rubber moulds can be reused more than 300 times other washing. Attractive long lasting color faces can be formed by pouring white cement concrete with color pigments first and then regular gray concrete next, economically with two layers.

The high slump face concrete mix is to be mixed in separate exclusive tile mixer. The base great concrete mix can be mixed with another title mixer or regular drum type concrete mixer. Any architectural design (natural stone, wood grains etc.0 can be depicted in the face with the rubber moulds. The tiles of various thicknesses with rich color & design add attractive long lasting richness to interior floorings and wall face.


Production Capacity*

Vibrating table size
Maximum height of the tile
Movement of rubber mould in vibration table
Dimension l x b x h
Total weight


2000 Sq. Ft / 8 Hours shift
Indicative only. Actual production depends on availability moulds and concrete filling speeds into the moulds

3.0 H.P (1.5 HP Motor x 2 Tables)
835 x 3000mm
820 x 100mm

Due to vibration with manual intervention
786 x 625 x 1050mm
500kgs x 2  (approx.)
*all specifications are subject to change, for condition of sale refers our invoice.




Drum Speed


Dimension l x b x h
Total Weight

Recommended for colour mix

100 kg/ Batch
2.0 H.P Motor
700mm dia x 300mm ht
detachable from the machine after tilting up the mixer arms
1210 x 910 x 1050mm
310 Kgs

Recommended for colour mix

200 Kg/ Batch
3.0 H.P Motor
1000mm dia x 300mm ht
detachable from the machine after tilting up the mixer arms
1350 x 910 x 1050mm
400 Kgs


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