Welding panels


We supply welder machine for making of welded panels. This kind of welding machine is the most advanced machine combining mechanical, electronic and computer control together. The chief feature is accessing of adjustable warp wire and adjustable weft wire distances with imputing data into the computer.

Wire mesh panels welded by this machine is flat in surface and yield little diagonal tolerance. This welding machine is certified by the experts as the most advanced kind at present. We can customize the machine for you if you need welding machine for the panel width exceeding 2.5m or wire diameter more than 6mm.

Technical Info:

• Maximum width of the panels: 2.5m

• Welding wire diameter: 2.5mm to 6mm

• Air auto cooling of welding transformer

• One time pressing, separately welding

• Less welding pollution

• Adjustable welding pressure

• Adjustable warp wire

• Auto change of the weft wire distance by imputing the data into the computerv

• The machine is used for welding panels for railway, express highway, panels for bridges and other construction


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