Welding positioner


Plasma Transferred Arc System (PTA) is a high energy, inert gas welding process. Ar is basically used for arc plasma supply, powder transport and molten material shielding. It produces a very high quality deposit offering optimal protection with minimal dilution or deformation of the base material.


• Choice of Manual / Automatic control

• Choice of 3-P AC induction or Servo Motor

• Choice of absolute or real time rotation degree measurement

• Range available : Face Plate Dia. 300 - 2000 mm

• Load capacity : 100 - 3000 Kgs.

• Variable speed : as required

• Tilting : 0-90O motorised

• Higher Models Available - Specifications given on request

Main Advantages:

• Easy positioning of add shaped jobs for download welding.

• Allows maximum flexibility in job handling

• With minimum handling, maximum accessibility to joint is assured.

• Eliminates frequent usage of crane, reducing idle time.

• Increased production with reduced labor.

• Single handed job manipulation and welding reduces labor cost.

• Improved weld quality (even with unskilled operator) reduces weld defects and rejection.

• Adaptable for automatic of manual welding.

• Convenient for assembling intricate sub-assemblies.

• Ideal for in conjunction with Column & Boom.

Other Features

• Degree of tilting angle can be - 45 to + 90 degrees to the horizontal.

• Face plate diameters more than the standard versions. Please specify, for such requirements.

• Also mention, whether extension arms can be used to accommodate increased diameter.



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