3 June 2019


Copra is the processed, desiccated core of coconut used in the extraction of coconut oil. Copra is employed for a wide range of purposes. Because of its nutrient rich properties it can be used as food and as a main ingredient in the production of some cosmetics. The residual material which we get after the extraction of the oil is used as feed for livestock and is an excellent source of minerals and nutrients for them. Copra in some parts of India are also used for religious ceremonies as well. Due to its wide purposes, Copra has great demand in the global market. As copra oil contains only small amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, its consumption leads to secure body fat and good flavor.

We are the leading firm experienced in dealing with the best known quality coconut copra to the markets across India and abroad. These copra receive huge attention and acclamation due to its rich taste and it can be used an ingredient to the curries and producing beauty products. Demanded widely in the markets globally, the copra we deal are thoroughly tested for its unadulterated stage. Our experts conduct severe test on its transparency, flavor and aroma and provide the quality copra in hygienic packaging at a cost effective price.

  • Naturally processed
  • Organic coconuts
  • Longer shelf life