10 June 2019

Cooling Towers

IDI Exim, gives perfect cooling equipments scientifically and elegantly designed with Superior Louver Designed FRP cooling towers, Wooden cooling towers and many more with effective cooling power.We have well experienced personnel’s for Designing, Manufacturing and after sales support.

FRP Cooling Towers

It is used for all types of industries to cool the recycle water flow from 5 M3/Hr. Round Shape will give very good appearance and 100% cooling efficiency. It gives difference in temperature vary from 40c to 200c. The rotary sprinkler gives uniform water flow over the wet deck Fills and gives maximum of cooling efficiency.

Dry Cooling Towers

It mainly used for power generating & Air compressor units, for engine water cooling applications. It consumes little water when comparing with all other Towers, reduces annual operating cost. BCT Dry Cooling Tower’s are in a Single unit can be provided in capacities from 100 kw to 1500 kw and they can be multiplexed to reach many 1000 of kilowatts.

Wooden Cooling Towers
  • Multi – blade cast aluminium adjustable pitch fan with HUB.
  • Motor provided with the system is special low R.P.M. T.E.F.C. IP – 55 Constructions suitable for heated and humid atmosphere. Main Structural Components and other light section machined with HDG steel.
  • All Joints are bolted with GI bolts and SS Nails.
  • Water distributed uniformly with spray target Nozzles.
  • The standard cladding of profile corrugated asbestos cement sheet. The joints of which are lapped to shed water only inside the cooling tower.
  • The treated fills are supported on FRP grids which assure positive and permanent, positioning.
Cooling Towers Spares
  • Aluminium Fan
  • Aluminium Sprinkler
  • Motors
  • PVC Fills
  • PVC Sprinkler