10 June 2019

Room Purifiers

IDI Exim, is one of the leading Suppliers and Exporters of Room Purifiers. room purifier works under the principle of high efficiency corona discharge ozone generation and spreading it to the atmosphere to purify / sterile the guest rooms / suites / conference hall and restaurants.

Salient Features:
  • Instant removal of smoke musty smell and bad odours in guest rooms.
  • Permanent removal of carpet smell by killing bacteria, virus & moulds which are all the basic cause for bad odours.
  • Prevent development of fungi & algae growth in walls
  • Eco friendly since no chemicals or reagents required for ozone generation.
  • Electrically operated with low power consumption.
  • Micro processor based digital timer control with low maintenance.
  • Rugged design, portable & easy to operate.
  • No running cost except power consumption.